A downloadable game for Windows

Civil war exploded, each player is the general of each side.

You need to be the victorious one before time ends.

Be a good leader and you will win.

Be a dishonorable leader and you will loose.

¡Keep a track on your loyalty!

Game made by: Ignacio Ruiz Casado & Guillermo Ruiz Casado in 48 hours at FamiliarGameJamX Sevilla, 2018


Counselors.7z 20 MB


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Hacer un juego sin artista no es algo sencillo pero ha salido algo muy curioso. Un juego 1vs1 con mucha profundidad a través de los consejos y resultados que van ocurriendo en el campo de batalla.

Wow, lots of writing here. The mechanic is pretty interesting. Sadly couldn't enjoy it at 100% because I'm home alone D: I liked the music pretty much. Great work, congrats

"Monsieur", it's a good idea, it's a pity that you didn't have much time. Love the concept and the dialogues. Nice work! (+8 loyalty) ^^

You did a great job! Making a game without an artist is always complex, and you managed to achieve a nice product with fun gameplay.  Build silos!!